K9 UNIT – DISPARITY IN DISCIPLINARY ACTIONS (warning – graphic language)

After recently promoted Detective Kyle Pence reported to Chody that there was a thread that with the K9 handlers on their personal cell phones that made some jokes about him, Chody called in two of the handlers and fired them on the spot. What he didn’t do, as he claimed to have done with Deaton over the Elf photos, was consult attorney Jason Nassour and ask him if it violated any of their rights. Two good deputies with no past disciplinary issues were fired because they made jokes at his expense over his constant requests for photos and need for fame.

This is where we’ve ended up. “Detective” Pence essentially ratted out his wife’s teammates to the admin about comments made in the text thread on personal cell phones, his then girlfriend showed them, likely deleting her texts prior to that and as you can see below he’s #sorrynotsorry

Note below Chody says that once he can release those facts, he will. He has yet to, other than blaming TMPA for going after this in retaliation for these firings and removal of K9s.

Update: these messages were sent via Facebook to a K9 supporter. Notice how little regret Cole has over what has occurred. Also, as you read her tweets below, notice how she claims innocence in the messages.

These text messages were obtained via an Open Records Request for the copy of the text messages submitted during the “investigation”. Notice that at the time the text messages were submitted, the two deputies had already been fired. (note the words “yesterday” and “today” and Skinner and Stewart saying goodbye).

Two other handlers received an oral reprimand for violation of  Policy 2.3 “Sexual and Other Harassment” and had their K9 removed, reportedly because they weren’t “remorseful enough”.


We have requested a record of any disciplinary actions against Sarah Cole but have not received a response. We also have not received the request for the interviews for the two fired deputies where Chody claims but refuses to prove that they lied, the reason he used for terminating them.

Note that the text thread below shows questionable comments by both Cole and Duvall, neither of which lost their K9s

Is this the sexual harassment that the deputies lost their K9s for not reporting, but the two, Cole and Duvall, that made the comments, kept their K9s and continued to “star” on LivePD.

The texts below demonstrate the constant requests for photos from the sheriff and the mindset of the K9 handlers regarding it.

Looks like he calmed Chody down and he got to post about the funeral.

Cole talking about Horseman, another female deputy

Cole and Duvall making fun of Kennedy

General opinions about the hiring/training/promotion process, LivePD and command staff

This one must’ve really upset Chody because he sent part of it to the media

I purposely did not include the text messages of the fired deputies because 1) Chody said he didn’t fire them over the content but because they lied (unproven) and 2) they were disciplined. These two people did not lose their K9 and in fact, the husband of one of them, reportedly the person that informed Chody of this text thread, was promoted to detective recently after a little over a year at Wilco. Unheard of. But at the WCSO, for now, I guess #SNITCHESGETRICHES