A recent tweet by Chody that excluded Drago has us wondering how he’s doing. As a K9 that already had some health issues, it was especially concerning when he was abruptly removed from his experienced handler and placed with a new handler in a knee-jerk reaction to Deputy Jones “not being remorseful enough” for the K9 text thread. This post is written in reverse-chronological order, so start at the bottom to see where Drago and Jones started.

Where’s Drago?

Catch up on the K9 text thread issue here.

This is the last tweet we can find by Chody about Drago, December of 2019. Note the candle says he was six years old.

Graef, actually Dr. Daigle who donated $7500 to Chody’s campaign and always made sure to tag his campaign account and not the offical Williamson County Sheriff’s Office account, indicated that Drago was ready to hit the streets again after surgery in October. We never saw another tweet of him working.

Seven months after being placed with a new, inexperienced handler, Drago had an enlarged spleen and had emergency surgery.

Note the droopy ear. He was not “all good” as Chody said.

He is quick to start calling the new handler “dad”. As if the bond formed with Jones meant nothing to Drago, and he can just be moved to a new handler with no consequences.

Surgery less for a month after being removed from Jones and placed with a new inexperienced handler. He had to have surgery on his ear, which never fully recovered. You’ll notice the droopy ear in subsequent photos.

A little over two weeks after being placed with a new handler, new as in never been a handler before, Drago had emergency surgery on his ear. He was, in fact, not “all good”. His ear never fully recovered.

Exactly three days after Drago was removed from Jones, the Sheriff’s Association tweeted a photo of him and his new handler.

Notice how straight his ears are? He was perfectly healthy when Jones had him prior to be assigned to a brand new, inexperienced handler after Jones was put back on patrol.

Dad, again.

He clearly sees the bond between Drago and Jones.

Sibling, as in part of the family.

Chody seemed fairly happy with the job Jones was doing as a K9 handler and as a deputy.

Again with the “Dad”.

Shout out to Jones for taking the time to write this letter of encouragement to a new soldier.

Gravell gets in on the photo op with Drago.

Even the handler’s wife gets called “momma” indicating Chody knows the bond with the handler’s family

Note that here, Chody references the bond that is formed between K9s and the handlers.

Although his defense for removing the K9s is that they are county property, you will notice a common theme that he calls the handlers mom and dad.

Pretty sure he meant “out-do”. Spelling has never been his thing.

Chody applauds Jones and Drago for a job well done.