So far, two females have submitted Open Records Requests that have been shared with the general public. Let’s look at the most recent one first. You can read about the background and reasoning behind Michelle (Litz) Clawson’s Open Records Request (ORR) here.

Michelle submitted an ORR for Roy Fikac’s salary shortly after I tweeted about Fikac’s Bankrupty fraud. She still uses her email address of her maiden name, therefore signed the ORR Litz to avoid confusion. She received an email from Chief Deputy Roy Fikac correcting the spelling of his name. The odd part was that he addressed her as her married name, Mrs. Clawson.

Hi Mrs. Clawson,

To simplify your process of requests in the future and to avoid any delays, my name is spelled as follows:

Fikac – Correct
Ficak – Incorrect


On October 9th, she sent in another ORR. This time for Mark Luera’s background check from APD. The ORR revealed that there was NO background check conducted,as you can see here. We also found problems with TSA bypassing security, as you can see here. Of course, this is after he unfairly promoted him (read here). So it is no surprise that Chody was upset that she was looking into the Luera issue and tried to silence her.

That ORR must’ve struck a nerve, because while vacationing in Florida with his family, Chody took the time to post a screenshot of her ORR on is personal Facebook page. NOTE: “WE WILL WIN”

…She has made significant open records requests for months…she’s been married to an APD Officer and carries the last name of him except during the open records request…But we will win.

robert chody’s public post on his personal facebook page 10/9


The next day, Michelle sent in an ORR for the SO’s Open Records policy.

Two hours later Chody posted about it on his personal Facebook page. We are not sure who the entitled members he is referring to, as she was upset with him for not disciplining Deaton, who by any standards would be called an entitled member.

She’s at it again…I am proud to lead just bcuz you drank the kool aid of some entitled members who never deserved to wear the badge.

robert chody’s public post on his personal facebook page 10/10

Another female (seems to be a pattern here), wife of fired deputy Terry Ballard, submitted an ORR for her husband’s evaluations, commendations, etc. You can read about her reasoning here.

She sent the request using her school email. As she reports, she checks this email much more often in order to reply to parents and students that email her, and rarely checks her personal email. This is allowed by the district and does not break any policy. However, her principal received an email from a “concerned citizen” about her using her school email for request “and make comments”, which we do not see any evidence of and aren’t sure how you would even use your school email to make comments.

Sent from a fake
guerillamail account

She filed a complaint with the SO, and received the following memo stated that her complaint was unfounded, or false.

Since “Not Sustained” would’ve meant they were unable to find evidence, “Unfounded” clearly means there was evidence to disprove her allegation. She sent the following email:

The summary of the investigation is below. Apparently, it is within the SO policy for an employee to send an email to your employer to let them know you are using your email to make open records requests.

A reasonable person would conclude that these are all attempts at intimidation and do not reflect transparency at any level.