Narcotics detective fired over “New Social Media Policy” violation, Sgt. Brantley’s sexually harassment is ignored.·AltWilcoPio tweeted several photos of Detective Heather Vargas from her Facebook page that she posted after getting dressed to go out. Heather is a single woman and this is a common practice. We are in no way saying that the photos she posted were inappropriate. What was concerning was that her sergeant, Sgt. Brantley would make suggestive and inappropriate remarks that would be considered inappropriate for many reasons. One, being that he is married and two being that she is his subordinate. After this was posted and removed because we were warned that Heather was undercover, apparently it concerned Chody as to how Heather was able to get it removed so quickly. Well, it really just takes a message saying “hey please take this down”. She has no idea who either of us (AltWilcoPIO and Buddy Falcon) is. But the content of the tweets, as disturbing as it should’ve been, was not their concern. They claimed she violated the new social media policy with different post and used that to interrogate her as to how she was able to get AltWilcoPio and Buddy Falcon to delete their tweets. At no time was she ever asked or questioned about if she felt sexually harassed during the five IA interviews during her 22-day suspension. During her fourth interview, Nassour had her attorney, who happens to share an office with McCabe, escorted out of the IA meeting before it even started and was not even allowed to come to the last IA interview. Neither of these interviews was videoed.

“And we are stalking the shit outta ya, you are way to hawt to be the PO” – Sgt. Jay Brantley

We received a request to remove Heather’s photos as she was undercover. Of course, we did so immediately. I was contacted as well as AltWilcoPio and I relayed the message and we all deleted our retweets.

To be perfectly clear, none of this was about her photos. It was about Sgt’s comments about her breasts.

“Cover them girls up” – Jay Bam/Sgt. Jason Brantley

“I luv you” – Jay Bam/Sgt. Jason Brantley

“Put them things up before you hurt someone” – Jay Bam/Sgt. Jason Brantley

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