Admittedly, Heather probably had no idea this Facebook post still existed. However, it shows how little care the SO takes in protecting their undercover officers. Heather was, against her will, forced to appear on LivePD on the orders of Chody and her other superiors. Heather has a private Facebook page that is locked down pretty tight. She does post photos of herself as she, a single woman, gets dressed to go out. AltWilcoPIO was sent a photo that showed Heather dressed in what normal women her age wear when going out. The point was that her sergeant, Sgt. Brantley repeatedly made inappropriate remarks about her breasts. When we were contacted that Heather was working undercover and the photos needed to come down, they were immediately removed. Heather had desperately reached out to several people to see if they could contact Alt via Twitter, which they did. It’s not that difficult. You just click “message” and send a message. This quick action appeared to enrage the admin at the SO. They immediately called her in to answer for a different post, a silly meme she posted the next day, saying it violated the Social Media policy. Remember the policy that was too vague for Chody to discipline Deaton for his Elf photos? During the interrogation by Chief Ryle and Attorney Jason Nassour, she was asked how she was able to get the post taken down. She told them that she texted a friend who took care of it, but that she did not know who AltWilcoPio was. Ryle tried to intimidate her by telling her that AltWilcoPio committed a federal crime by revealing an undercover and they were concerned for her safety. Keep in mind the post above has been up since 2014 and she was forced to appear on LivePD against her will. Rightfully so, this angered Heather and she asked them why they made her go on live PD against her will if they were so concerned. Chief Ryle, the 2nd in command, claimed he didn’t know anything about that. Heather has been fired as of today, 9/11/2019. Heather is a single mom raising a daughter. Sgt. Brantley has not faced any repercussions for his inappropriate remarks towards a subordinate. Another career ruined by Chody and his admin team.

Deputy Vargas has wanted to be in law enforcement since she was a child in the 6th grade…she was amazed at the way the deputies were able to help people and make a difference in the community”. – WCSO Recruitment Facebook Page, 2014