As you see above, Miguel Wolfe was with the “in” crowd back in February of 2019, just after he failed his second Standardized Field Sobriety Test administration test, which should have dismissed him from BPOC, hanging out with Bomer and Chody at a LivePD watch party.

An Open Records Request dated 10/19/19 revealed that Miguel Wolfe was receiving deputy pay as of August of 2019. This request was after the TCOLE investigation in September of 2019 where Chody said he was just learning that he was given three chances, therefore, removed him from BPOC retroactively in January 2019.

A cropped version, easier to read

Chody said once he learned that Wolfe took the test three times, he dismissed him from BPOC effective 1/30/19. This meant that he was not a licensed peace officer, not a deputy, and should not receive deputy pay.

Note that the document below states that he has a jailer license only, and that he was separated from BPOC in January of 2019.

Although he was dismissed from BPOC, thus not allowing him to be a certified peace officer, he still received deputy pay.

The documents below are from TCOLE’S investigation into the DAWG.

Note that Wolfe was given three tries, not the required two.

He was also part of the reason they changed the policy from “3 test failure and you’re out ” to maintaining an 80 average.

This states that as an IPO, he was so bad at SFST that he had two cases thrown out of court due to his inability to conduct SFSTs.

Was Gripentrog pressured from above to pass Wolfe on the SFST?