In September, I received the following screenshot (above, since deleted) from ex- Wilco Detective Terry Ballard’s wife. Somebody had apparently sent it to her. To say she was upset is an understatement. I honestly didn’t expect her to speak out because I get messages almost daily by upset previous employees that can’t or won’t speak out, but she did. I have taken screenshots of her response to the tweet. Truthfully, many people did not know what happened to Ballard until she spoke out. They knew he was on the Fugitive Task Force, which was dismantled, SWAT, Swift Water and Dive Rescue and Recovery. They knew he had been there a while and hadn’t been in any trouble. They knew he was demoted to patrol for a very short time, then to corrections, then he was just gone. This explains it pretty well. She has communicated that she is working on a website that explains it all in greater detail. It is clear that he was demoted because they said his dyslexia kept him from being able to do his job, according to the video she uploaded of the meeting with Chief Ryle. The evaluations contradict this statement.

Screenshot of the message I received from Ballard’s wife.

She asked me to edit the language but I’ve requested her permission to leave it as it. I think it shows how upset she was. This was a private Twitter message she sent in anger, rightfully so.

Listen to the recording where Chief Ryle tells Ballard he can’t do his job, the one he has been doing for over 12 years, because of dyslexia and he is demoting him to transporting prisoners with a significant paycut.


Screenshots of Crissie Ballard’s, Terry Ballard’s wife, tweets in response to the tweet calling Ballard a liar and accusing her of writing his reports for him.

Memo provided regarding the demoted for having dyslexia. It is confusing as to why Ballard was moved to Patrol for two weeks and apparently had no issues writing reports then they used what they called the “ADA claim” to demote him further to corrections.

I have four years of evaluations and letter of commendation from Ballard’s file. They clearly show no deficiencies and refute Ryle’s claim that Ballard could not perform his duties.

Previous post that she said she ignored, because they did not call her husband by name. This is a LivePD fan from TN that indicates a close relationship with Chody and his family and has been told inside information. She was the first to reference the wife “writing report for her husband”.

I was provided this information in this email, albeit not directly from Ballard’s wife. She feels that me posting about it just prior to the comments posted about Ballard are not coincidental.

She was bullied for speaking up, as you can see.

She has stated that she felt the public post by Robert Chody about dyslexia was a direct hit towards her for speaking up. The timing does seem odd.

Fake account pretending to be an old lady just asking questions.

Not the last of the fake account pretending not to know anybody at Wilco that have suddenly had all the inside knowledge. The most recent, “Eagle Patriot” clearly makes fun of Ballard’s disability and, get this, Chody is the 6th follower.