Overall, Robert Chody has proven that he does not want to run a Sheriff’s Office. He wants to be famous, and has tried since he got elected to “go  viral”,  begging LivePD to feature Wilco, getting the contract, then showed up on scenes on LivePD just to get on camera, made a whole series of videos with a K9 using county resources charging him with bringing a kong into the SO, made a whole series of videos over a chair he requested that went to the wrong office, demanded daily K9 photos from the handlers to tweet himself. He has embarrassed himself and he has embarrassed the employees who cringe when somebody asks them where they work. He has brought in employees without doing proper background checks as required by TCOLE and given them special positions and promotions, creating for himself an allegiance from those that are thankful to have a job yet at the same time creating an atmosphere of fear by firing others on a whim, making everyone else worry daily that today will be their day. 

The following is in response to his campaign site “What Robert’s Gotten Done for You”, most of which I’ve proven to be lies (see this post). The list below is not complete and investigations and lawsuits are still ongoing.