2019 has not been Sheriff Robert Chody’s year. From wrongful terminations, excessive firings and demotions, unfair hiring and promotion practices, failure to discipline or terminate others, lawsuits, failed inspections, reprimands by TCOLE, at odds with TMPA, demands for his resignation, the loss of his chance at fame on LivePD, the list is far longer than the ten I have listed below. Check out the rest of the website for more. SEE LINKS AT BOTTOM OF PAGE FOR NEWS STORIES THAT LIST WILCO IN THE TOP MOMENTS OF 2019

1. K9 Team Reassignments and Firings over Text Messages

2. Deaton and the “F**k the LivePD Producer” Remark

3. Deaton and the Elf Photos

4. Whistleblower Lawsuit – Chody’s Theft Reported

5. DAWG Training Center Investigated and Reprimanded by TCOLE

6. County Sued over In-Custody Death at the Jail

7. Jail Fails Annual Inspection by Jail Standards

8. Chody Announces Run for Sheriff and Lies on Campaign Site

9. Chody Changes Promotion Policy to Promote as He Wishes

10. Chody Lies Again and Again

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