This is the Jail Standards Inspection Report showing received by Chody and Gravell on December 16, 2019. Days after the report, Chody posts that many people do not own their mistakes. This comes just weeks after a lawsuit is filed by the family of a mentally ill inmate that died in-custody due to lack of medical attention.

As you can see, Chody is one of them. He blames the deficient “medical protocol” on previous administrations, who had never failed a jail inspection, as well as “other county departments”.

But don’t forget, Chody said the jail falls under the Sheriff. Or should I say “FAILS”.

Note that the “transparent” Sheriff has sat on this report for a week, until I released it.


Item 1, Section 273, Paragraph .3:

All medical instructions of Designated physicians shall be followed.
While reviewing Inmate medical files It was, determined that two inmates have not received a specialist appointment as ordered by the Jail physician.

All other violations were considered “technical assistance”.

Unapproved construction, unapproved cameras, smoke detector disabled by bypass during the previous inspection and never reset. Deficiencies identified during fire marshal inspection on 11/13/19 (seven months past due) digital screening form for suicide and medical/mental/developmental impairments does not have section for supervisor signature date and time, heath inspections at Risk Level 2, should be inspected twice a year, last inspection was 6/26/18.

Installing cameras and speakers without approval? Haven’t we heard of this before? Fire alarms disabled?

And here is the failure. In light of Daniel McCoy’s death due to not getting proper medical care, you’d think he would’ve made sure this was no longer happening. Jail Standards found two inmates that were not getting the doctor-ordered medical care. Keep reading, there’s more.

The jail is classified as Risk 2 and should be inspected twice a year. Follow up action required.

Meanwhile there is a film crew from Lucky8 Productions (producers of 60 Days In and other jail productions) filming a documentary at least since November 25th at the jail. No commissioner has admitted to having knowledge of it and we can’t find a contract on the Commissioner’s Court agenda or minutes. When asked, Chody claimed the film crew was from Jail Standards.

And days after finding out about the jail failing the inspection, Chody is once again inserting him into a news story that has nothing to do with him. Typical.